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The mission of the Criminal Justice Reform Committee of Stark County, in alliance with Coming Together Stark County, is to serve as an advocate for those citizens reentering society from the penal system. The goals of the Committee are to reduce recidivism, to have the criminal justice system of Stark County and the State of Ohio serve as an example of policy reform and efficiency, and to make Stark County a safe and more prosperous place for all.

CTSC's diversity and inclusion trainers are experienced educators and community development professionals.  Certified by the Institute for Diversity Certification, CTSC's trainers offer specialized education and training to meet the specifications of any organization, large or small, for-profit or nonprofit.  Beyond valuing diversity, CTSC trainers focus on saving or making money by responding to the requirements of a changing and diverse population.

In October each year, since 2013,  CTSC recognizes outstanding community members or organizations that make contributions towards advancing the goals of diversity, inclusion and dignity in Stark County. 

Thursday, September 19, 2019 - 5:30 P.M. ​ - La Pizzaria

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Coming Together Stark County been at the forefront tackling difficult issues and bringing them before the county in a reasoned manner.  Dialogue, discourse and discussion have been the tenets to which CTSC continues to aspire.

 We are stronger together.  
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